Captain Lack is back!

Supporter’s player of the year is back for 24/25. 

We are very pleased to be announcing that our Captain and supporter’s player of the year is back again for 24/25. 

Lacky doesn’t need much of an introduction, he very quickly made his presence known in a Chieftains shirt last season and we’re very excited to see him back.

Coach Cliff commented ‘Things you can never have too much of in a team are leadership and heart, and Lacky provides both of them to the highest level. I was a bit worried he would call it a day this summer and not want to play anymore but the team just wouldn’t be the same without him so I’m delighted he has agreed to come back.

Lacky never does anything without considering what it means for the team before he acts and is a great example setter to the younger and less experienced players on the team, he is high up the charts in terms of ice time, plays in all situations and never takes a shift off. I am really looking forward to seeing him back on the ice next season.’

When asked about his return, Lacky said ‘When I joined Chelmsford last season, I always said that winning a trophy would be the culmination of my story. However, there is still some unfinished business to attend to. My family and I truly enjoyed our time with Chelmsford last season; it was our most enjoyable season yet. The team isn’t just the players on the ice but an entire family, from the players to the coaching staff, the off-ice team, and the fans.

I know many of you have been wondering if I would return this year, especially after taking on the head coach role at the Romford Junior program. As I mentioned before, I had an incredible time last season, so why wouldn’t I come back? Now, I get to enjoy the best of both worlds. I understand this might be my final year, and I want to make the most of it by enjoying the sport with the people I appreciate.

Have a wonderful summer, and I’ll see you all in September’

Lack’s shirts are already fully sponsored this season and we will be in touch with everyone shortly regarding wording.

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